SCU Meetup How-To

For a printer-friendly version of these instructions, download the PDF version.

Signing Up for Meetup

  1. You don’t have to sign up on Meetup to view the ride listing, but signing up on Meetup will give you access to more features. (You do need to sign up and be a member of the club in order to list rides.)

  2. Go to In the upper right corner, click on Sign up and follow the directions.

  3. You don’t need to use your full name if you are concerned about privacy, but please use something that will allow members to recognize you while out riding. First name and last name initial work well. Anonymous cyber names are not helpful in this regard.

  4. You can click on My Account to add profile info and set email preferences.

Finding rides on the Suburban Cyclists Meetup

  1. You have four options to find the SCU Meetup:

    1. If you’ve joined the SCU Meetup group, you can click on My groups in the upper right corner.

    2. Go to, use the search field in the upper right corner to search on “Suburban Cyclists Unlimited” then click on our picture.

    3. From the link on the SCU website home page (

    4. Type directly into your browser: 

  2. Once there, you will see Upcoming rides listed directly under “Come join us for a ride!” You can also click on tabs for Past rides or see a monthly Calendar of all rides.

  3. There is a menu bar with links to our Members, Sponsors, Photos, and more.

  4. Add the SCU Meetup page to your favorites to speed things up next time.

  5. There are also Meetup apps to find rides via iPhones and Android-based phones.

Joining the Suburban Cyclists Unlimited (SCU) Meetup group

  1. You don’t need to be a club member to join the SCU Meetup group, but we hope you’ll consider it. Membership dues support the club’s insurance, charitable donations, and web presence, including our Meetup page. It also gives you access to the club’s newsletter and member-only activities such as the summer picnic.

  2. Go to our main website to join: Click on Join us and follow the directions.

Setting your Email preferences

  1. Some people will like all the email notices they can get and some people will like to check the Meetup page only when they are darn well good and ready. Most of us will be somewhere in between. This is your chance to play Goldilocks and make things just right for you.

  2. After you have joined and while at the SCU Meetup page place your cursor over My Profile in the upper right then click on Email and Notifications.

  3. Check and un-check as desired. At a minimum we recommend you consider the first two notification choices: a new Meetup is announced and changes to a Meetup I’m attending. But it’s really up to you.

SCU Meetup Ride Listing How-To

Becoming an Event Organizer

  1. To list a ride you must first join the SCU Meetup group and become an Event Organizer. Here’s how:

    1. Be sure you are a member in good standing (dues are paid!) – this is an insurance requirement.

    2. Contact the Ride Coordinator or other club officer to set your official group role to Event Organizer. The Ride Coordinator will verify your membership and make sure you are aware of the club Ride Guidelines. If you are new to the club or group riding, you may be asked to build up some experience before leading. Sweeping rides is a good way to do this.

    3. Non-riding social events should be listed only after contacting the club’s Social Coordinator.


Listing a Ride (a. k. a. Scheduling a Meetup)

  1. Place your cursor over Group Tools then click on Schedule a Meetup. (Clicking on Schedule a New Meetup under “Come join us for a ride” won’t get you access to the all ride listing choices.)

  2. What should we do? Put your ride title only. Pace and distance will go in Additional Details.

  3. Pick a start time and date. Setting an estimated end time is recommended but not required.

  4. Select a place: Put the ride start location. Choose from Previous Places or Find a Place, which will use autofill to speed the process. A link to a map will be automatically generated on the listing.

  5. How to find us: More details about the start location such as “second parking lot on the right” or any multiple start locations such as “passing through the Hometown High School at 9:00”.

  6. Additional Details: This is the ride description. Remember to start with pace and distance. SCU paces are based on average speeds as would appear on your bike computer. You may also indicate ride letter levels, if you desire. You may add as much information about the route and destination as you desire. Terrain descriptions such as “flat”, “rolling”, or “hilly” are helpful, as are indications about the availability of cue sheets and whether or not there will be re-grouping.

  7. Who’s hosting this Meetup? You can add co-leaders and sweeps. Please ask them first!

  8. Automatically repeat this Meetup: You can set your ride to repeat regularly. Later you can go back and cancel individual rides in the series if you are unavailable or the weather doesn’t cooperate.

  9. Charging for this Meetup? SCU does not charge for participating in club rides (except for the Century rides). If individual riders will need to pay for something along the way like a ferry trip, put it in the ride description.

  10. RSVP settings and Email settings: Choose according to your preferences. But make it clear how riders should get in touch with your with questions.

  11. Ask questions when members RSVP: Optional. This could be something like “Do you have a headlight?” for a night time ride.

  12. Schedule this Meetup now. After clicking, please review your listing and make any changes before announcing the ride. When you announce your ride, an email will be sent to those members who have selected this as their email preference in their Profile. You can make changes to your ride listing whenever you view it while logged in.

  13. Cancelling rides or changing ride details. If weather or other factors result in a ride cancellation, please use the cancel link (at the top of the listing when you are logged in). Do NOT check the delete from calendar box. The ride will not be shown in the ride listing, but will be on the calendar with a ‘strike through.’ This is more clear than deleting. Use deletion only if you make an error while posting a ride. If you change any ride details, please add appropriate words to the title (such as NEW START TIME). Posting to the Yahoo email list would also be helpful.