Starting Location: #21 (Hatboro-Horsham H.S.)
Distance: 55 miles

Description: To New Hope via Fairways and Doylestown

Contributed by: Unknown

Dist Dir Road Mile-
Dist Dir Road
R Babylon Rd X Aquetong
L Davis Grove X Street Rd
R Keith Valley Rd L Pineville
S Kansas Rd R New Hope Rd
L Wodock X Holicong
R Oak Ave X Durham Rd (Rt 413)
L Tohickon R Forest Grove Rd
R Bradford L Lower Mountain
L Street Rd X Swamp Road
R Wedge Way R Sugar Bottom Rd
L Greensward L York Rd
R Elbow Ln R Valley Rd
L Pickertown Rd X Almshouse
R Folly Rd L Stop sign, up hill
R Bristol Rd L Warwick Rd
L New State Rd R Guinea La
R Lower State Rd R Bristol
R State Street L Palomino
L Ashland R K Street
X Old Route 611 R Cambridge
R State Street (Rt 202) L Oxford
R Swamp Rd S Freedoms Way
X Old York Rd L Greensward North
L Forest Grove Rd S Wedge Way
L Lower Mountain Rd L Street Rd
X Durham Rd (Rt 413) R Grady
R Aquetong Rd L Evergreen
L Hill Road into New Hope R Oak
L River Rd (Route 32) L Wodock
X York Rd R Kansas Rd
STP Bank parking lot S Keith Valley Rd
R Ferry St L Davis Grove Rd
L Stockton R Babylon Rd
R Mechanic-Stony Hill L Stadium Way (end)