Starting Location: #21 (Hatboro-Horsham H.S.)
Distance: 25 miles

Description: To Warwick and back, via Hatboro/Upper Moreland. A longer version of the Rolling 20.

Contributed by: Terry Strobaugh

Note: this is a very old cue sheet, and when it was first established the extension of Creek Road past the railroad tracks was not overgrown and impassible as it is today.  The detour is to turn right after crossing the railroad tracks, and pass though the parking lot of the first business.

DistI Dir Road
R Stadium Way
.3 .4 R Babylon
.7 .4 L Davis Grove
1.1 1.3 R Keith Valley
2.4 .8 S Kansas
3.2 .4 L Garden
3.6 .1 R Oak
3.7 .2 L Evergreen
3.9 .1 R Grady
4.0 .3 L Street Rd.
4.3 .9 R Wedge Way
5.2 .7 R Freedoms Way
5.9 .2 S Oxford Dr.
6.1 .1 R Cambridge
6.2 .1 L K Street
6.3 .4 L Palomino
6.7 .1 R Bristol
6.8 .9 L Guinea
7.7 1.4 R Turkey Trot
9.1 .2 R Meetinghouse
9.3 .2 L Eddowes
9.5 .2 R Old York
9.7 1.7 L Creek see note
11.4 X Mearns (across tracks)
R Steamwhistle Dr
L Railroad Dr
R Industrial Dr
R Jacksonville
L Pulinski Dr
R Hatboro Rd
L Bristol Rd
R Davisville Rd
R First R onto Ridge
L Orchid Rd
R Hostman Ave
R Joseph Ave
L Decker Ln
R Byron Rd
L Longstreth Rd
L Johnsville
(cut thru McDonald Elem)
S Reeves Ln
S Centennial (X Street Rd)
R Retirement Community
L Newtown Rd
R County Line Rd
L Warminster Rd
R E Moreland/Montgomery
BL E Moreland St
L South Penn
R Byberry Rd
L South York Rd
R Horsham Rd
L Continental
R Broadway
L Sycamore Ave
X Route 611 (light)
R Vesser Lane
R Blair Mill Rd
L Gibraltar Rd
R Dresher Rd
L Sawmill Ln
L Sawyers Way
R Norristown Rd
L Horsham Rd
L High School Dr

Revised 8/30/08