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Document/Form Format Size
Mileage Log for manual data entry: 2016 / 2017 PDF 104k
Mileage Log with automatic summation: 2016 / 2017 XLS 97k
2016 Quad County Metric brochure PDF 427k
Ride Until Sunset Chart   PDF  63k
Club Bylaws (approved 2012) PDF  25k
Club Bylaws (approved 2010) PDF  25k
Club Bylaws (approved 2000) PDF  25k
Expense Report MS Word 21k
Group Biking for Fun and Safety (from Blue Ridge BC) PDF 43k
How to Ride in a Group PDF 24k
How to Ride in a Paceline PDF 24k
How to Solve Saddle Sores PDF  28k
How to Use the Ride Database PDF  70k
How to Verify Your Ride is in the Database PDF 16k
Meetup Crib Sheet PDF 332K
Meetup Fact Sheet PDF 191K
Meetup Mailing List Crib Sheet PDF 428K
Meetup Mailing List Migration Fact Sheet PDF 82K
Membership Application PDF  76k
Ride Signup Sheet PDF  106k
Sample "Chainletter" SCU newsletter PDF  1.1M
Club Brochure PDF 446K
SCU events on inc. membership dues URL N/A
SCU in the Intelligencer 9/9/06 JPG 2.8M
SCU riders in the Reporter newspaper, 1 of 2, 8/26/07 JPG 2.2M
SCU riders in the Reporter newspaper, 2 of 2, 8/26/07 JPG 2.1M
Tour Policy PDF  6k

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