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Date: 4/21/2020
Subject: SCU and the Stay-at-Home Extension
From: SCU Announcement

SCU and the

Stay-at-Home Extension

SCU and the Stay-at-Home Extension


I am itching to get back to riding with all my SCU riding buddies, and I am sure you are, too. Unfortunately, the Governor has extended the Stay-at-Home order until Friday, May 8. ( I am sure the Governor is under a lot of political pressure to 'reopen the economy' and would not extend the order unless it was absolutely necessary from a public health perspective. So, I am urging all members to continue their vigilance in social distancing.


Based on this order, it looks like this will be the soonest we could possibly return to regular group rides is May 8. I know two and half more weeks seems like a second eternity after all this time without group rides -- all the more so as the prime Spring riding is approaching. But I have been proud of the SCU membership's willingness to cooperate in social distancing for the greater good of all. While out on solo rides I have seen many members out on the road, but never in large or close groups. Remember that we are not only protecting ourselves directly from COVID-19, but also protecting the more vulnerable members of our family, friends and community from a health care system overload.


The next Executive Committee meeting will be on Thursday, May 7 (via Zoom, of course). Hopefully, by that time the Governor will announce a post-Stay-at-Home plan to return to normal and the EC can formulate a consistent return-to-group-riding plan. Please keep in mind that many of our usual ride start locations such as schools, public buildings and churches may not open immediately. We will need to respect that and may need to find temporary alternates. We will also need to continue to be mindful of public perception of our favorite sport.


So, keep your fingers crossed and hang tough. After having ridden on many challenging rides with SCU members over the years, I am certain we have the grit needed to make it through these next two weeks together.


Steve Muth

SCU President

COVID 19 Update