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Date: 5/30/2020
Subject: SCU and The Yellow Phase
From: SCU Announcement

SCU and The Yellow Phase

COVID 19 Update

SCU and Yellow Phase


On June 5 the Governor is expected to move the Philly suburbs from the Red to the Yellow phase of the reopening plan. This moves our region from a Stay-at-Home order in favor of ‘aggressive mitigation’. So it looks like group cycling will become possible for SCU again!


The term ‘aggressive mitigation’ is not cycling specific, so the Executive Committee has consulted the recommendations of medical and cycling professionals at USA Cycling, a national cycling program that runs competitive events and training camps. You can visit their COVID-19 webpage here


The items we found most useful are the webinar Cycling Events in the COVID-19 Era and the document Group Ride Guidance. We used the information in these to form a list of mitigation measures tailored to the specific needs and riding style of SCU. These can be downloaded and printed from this link on our website:


Please observe these mitigation measures to the best of your ability. Most are common sense measures we would ordinarily follow to prevent spreading the cold or flu. Your cooperation not only protects you and your riding buddies, but also controls the rapid spread of the virus to our families, our friends, and the wider community.


Yellow phase does not mean COVID-19 risk is no longer with us. Everyone needs to make their own risk/benefit decisions. If you or a household member are in a high-risk group, we suggest you consider continuing to ride alone or with a socially-distanced friend. This will be many of us, so you should not feel embarrassed if you make this choice.


Unfortunately, the Yellow phase does not allow for the larger weeknight rides to resume. Not only are gatherings of greater than 25 still prohibited, many of the ride start locations remain officially closed. But if all goes according to plan, ride leaders will soon be able to post individual rides while observing the mitigation measures. Stay tuned for an official reopening announcement.


Ride safe and keep well.


Steve Muth

SCU President