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Date: 6/1/2020
Subject: SCU June Chainletter
From: SCU Communications

Vol 34  l  No  6  l  June 2020
President's Message

I already said a mouthful in the recent SCU Communications release about the Yellow phase and our Mitigation Measures. Please be careful out there, both of the virus, which is not gone, and the usual riding conditions, which always deserve a little caution. But this doesn't mean we shouldn't have fun. We can ride together again. In May we held the Socially Distanced Quad, which had 187 participants. This month we have a Scavenger Hunt. And the summer time weather is here. So, grab your bike (and helmet), put on your jersey (and mask), and get out there and enjoy the magic of cycling and the pleasure of each other's company.


Steve "An ounce of prevention" Muth

SCU and the Yellow Phase

SCU and Yellow Phase


On June 5 the Governor is expected to move the Philly suburbs from the Red to the Yellow phase of the reopening plan. This moves our region from a Stay-at-Home order in favor of ‘aggressive mitigation’. So it looks like group cycling will become possible for SCU again!


The term ‘aggressive mitigation’ is not cycling specific, so the Executive Committee has consulted the recommendations of medical and cycling professionals at USA Cycling, a national cycling program that runs competitive events and training camps. You can visit their COVID-19 webpage here


The items we found most useful are the webinar Cycling Events in the COVID-19 Era and the document Group Ride Guidance. We used the information in these to form a list of mitigation measures tailored to the specific needs and riding style of SCU. See below for the list.  These can be downloaded and printed from this link on our website:


Please observe these mitigation measures to the best of your ability. Most are common sense measures we would ordinarily follow to prevent spreading the cold or flu. Your cooperation not only protects you and your riding buddies, but also controls the rapid spread of the virus to our families, our friends and the wider community.


Yellow phase does not mean COVID-19 risk is no longer with us. Everyone needs to make their own risk/benefit decisions. If you or a household member are in a high risk group, we suggest you consider continuing to ride alone or with a socially-distanced friend. This will be many of us, so you should not feel embarrassed if you make this choice.


Unfortunately, the Yellow phase does not allow for the larger weeknight rides to resume. Not only are gatherings of greater than 25 still prohibited, many of the ride start locations remain officially closed. But if all goes according to plan, ride leaders will soon be able to post individual rides while observing the mitigation measures. Stay tuned for an official reopening announcement.


Ride safe and keep well.


Steve Muth

SCU President

Mitigation Measures for Reducing COVID-19 Risk at SCU Rides

COVID Testing

If anyone would like to be tested for COVID-19 (either with or without symptoms), there is free, community-based testing at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell.  It is a drive-through procedure, by appointment only.  Registration is available here: information is available here:


This testing site has two lanes and two tents, so the lines move pretty quickly.  The flow of traffic is one-directional (enter via Dekalb/202, and exit via Morris Rd.)  The whole procedure should take no more than 45 minutes (usually less), depending on the number of cars. The turn-around time is only one day.  Physician's prescription is not required, nor is health insurance coverage.  Residency in Montgomery County is NOT required.


Aside from a registration appointment, the only other requirement to bring is a photo ID. it is a self-swabbing station.  Patients/registrants are asked to watch this informative video ahead of time:

RIP Joe Landis

Joe Landis

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Joe Landis on Sunday, May 24, 2020.   Joe was a longtime SCU member.  As an SCU member, he led rides out of North Penn High School, volunteered at the Quad and Nock (mostly as SAG support and communications as a HAM radio operator). He also joined many SCU rides, especially out of NPHS and IVMS, and was known to be a very friendly, kind person with a warm smile.  He had a passion for cycling and was often seen riding around Bucks and Montgomery County.  He also rode on several bike tours (including MOOSA and Bon Ton Roulet). 


Joe will be sorely missed by the SCU cycling community.  See here for Joe’s full obituary:

SCU Scavenger Hunt

Got The COVID Blues?  
Looking for something challenging to do?
Join the SCU Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

Throughout the month of June, take 4 photos with your bike at any of the designated locations. Your 4 photos can be taken at any of the regions. Traveling by car is cheating! Please ride solo or with a friend and practice social distancing.
Seven lucky members will be eligible for a chance to win a $10 WAWA gift card. One very lucky winner will receive a custom made-to-fit bike jersey.

Photos should be taken anytime between June 1st  – June 30th with the deadline for submitting photos on July 1st.
For further information,  please contact Robin Einhorn at

Have fun and enjoy the hunt!

SCU Membership Extension

Membership Extension

At their May meeting, the Executive Committee voted to extend memberships during the suspension of SCU group activities caused by the COVID-19 situation. Anyone who had joined or renewed their membership by April 1, 2020, will have their membership extended automatically for a period equal to the time from April 12020, until the date SCU group rides resume. Anyone joining or renewing after April 1, 2020 will have their membership extended for a period of one year from the date that group rides resume.

SCU Safety and Legislation Update
by Jay Sitkin

Yeah, we’re heading towards Yellow which means group riding in a socially distanced, rider responsible way, can resume shortly once Governor Wolf gives the go ahead. For SCU’s mitigation measures please see this:


Riding responsibly is always a good idea and your SCU leadership endeavors to always put rider safety first. One very important aspect of riding safely is to be aware of the rules, both official and unofficial, of the road. This month I want to update the membership on some of those rules with the hope that you add these to your cycling awareness inventory.


We’ll begin with the laws for the state in which we ride most often. Here is a general list of things to keep in mind while riding in Pennsylvania (Piscitello, Joe. “Pennsylvania Bicycle Laws” April 05, 2019,


Right to the Road

  • Pennsylvania bicyclists generally have the same rights, and same duties, as drivers of motor vehicles.


  • Bicycles may only carry the number of persons for which it is designed, except an adult may carry a child in a backpack or sling.


  • There is a statewide requirement of helmet use for children under 12 years old.


  • Pennsylvania’s DUI statute applies to bicyclists.

Where to Ride

  • Bicycles are to ride as close as practicable and safe to the right side of the roadway except when overtaking another bicyclist, when preparing to make a left turn, when necessary to avoid a fixed or slow-moving object or vehicle or when riding in a substandard width lane.
  • On one-way roads and roads with one lane in each direction, bicycles may ride in the middle of the lane.


  • Sidewalk riding is generally permitted but bicyclists riding on a sidewalk must yield the right of way to pedestrians and must give an audible signal before passing.
  • Many municipalities, however, ban sidewalk riding for persons 12 or 13 years of age and older.

Motor Vehicle Doors

  • No person may open the door of a motor vehicle unless it is safe to do so.

Bike Lanes, Bike Paths and Multi-Use Paths

  • Pennsylvania bicyclists are not required to ride in or upon bike lanes or paths.

Left turns

  • To turn left bicyclists may perform a “box turn” or use the left turn lane.
  • A bicyclist turning left must yield the right of way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction.

Stop Signs and Traffic Control Devices

  • Bicyclists are required to come to a full and complete stop at all stop signs and traffic lights displaying a red signal.
  • Statewide, bicyclists may proceed through a red signal with caution if the traffic signal’s detection system does not recognize it.


  • Bicyclists must use hand/arm signals when turning and stopping.

Drivers Overtaking Bicyclists

  • Motor vehicle drivers must allow at least 4 feet of space when passing a bicyclist.
  • A driver may not drive recklessly near or drive unnecessarily close to a bicyclist. 
  • A driver turning right must yield to the right of way of a bicyclist proceeding straight.

Bicycles Passing on the Right

  • Bicyclists may pass motor vehicles on the right if it is reasonably safe to do so.

Group Riding

  • Bicyclists may not ride more than 2 abreast and may not impede motor vehicle traffic but if riding on a bicycle path or parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles, riders are permitted to ride more than 2 abreast.


  • Every bicycle must be equipped with a white front facing headlight, and a red rear reflector or light, visible from at least 500 feet when used at nighttime. Every bicycle must also have amber reflectors on both sides of the bike.
  • Every bicycle shall be equipped with a brake which will adequately control movement of and stop and hold such bicycle.
  • Headphones and earbuds are prohibited from being worn by bicyclists.

Electric Assist Bikes

  • E-bikes are defined as bicycles that have a motor that is no bigger than 750 watts and has a top speed of 20 mph or less.
  • A rider must be at least 16 years of age to ride an e-bike.


The entire PA code with respect to Bicycles can be found here: and in particular there are some good videos on that site at: as well as the Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver’s Manual:


NOTE to ride leaders, it is ALWAYS your right to refuse participation to anyone who you feel is not riding safely or who does not adhere to the law. Remember, everyone’s safety is up to you.


Another good source for bicycle safety and general rules of the road is the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (shameless plug – I am a member and SCU is a member and you should be too; they do good work for us all). You can find their “Know Your Rights” FAQ here:  More specifically this FAQ contains information for Cyclists, Motorists, and local rules with more information about riding within the city of Philadelphia limits and in New Jersey as well.


Finally, one of the most extensive, and exhaustive places for bicycle related information is the League of American Bicyclists’ website: There you can find a directory of bicycle laws for the entire United States: There too you will find the latest ranking of the bicycle friendly states (spoiler alert PA is 11th and NJ is 12th). Also there are many educational videos at their Smart Cycling subpage:


So please, take some time to familiarize yourself with these laws and rules, have fun, enjoy each other’s company, as they say on Hill Street Blues, “let’s roll, hey, let’s be careful out there

Results for The Socially Distanced Quad

Thanks to everyone who participated in SCU's 2020 Socially Distanced Quad.
Here are the results:

       number of riders:..........................   188  (164 on the road, 22 indoors)

       total distance: ..............................7,518 miles (12,100 km)

       average ride: ...............................     40.6 miles (65.3 km)

       longest ride:.................................   150.5 miles (242.2 km), Dean Mondelblat, Cherry Hill, NJ to Ocean City,NJ and back

       longest indoor ride:......................   101 miles (162.5 km) Fred Sirotkin, Columbia, MD, on Zwift

       farthest from SCU's
       home office in Horsham, PA
:........   Allen Herman, San Jose CA

       most interesting route
:..................   Kristen McCarthy, Casco Bay Bridge Route, ME

Visit for a list of all participants and their rides.

See our gallery of photos submitted by riders at:

Socially Distances Quad Pic
Quad Zoom Meeting

Cancelled and Postponed Events, Sorted by Name

Cancelled and Postponed Events
 Be sure check Jack Elias' famous Calendar of Regional Events for an updated, chronological list of cancelled or postponed regional events. Many of the postponed events have not announced new dates. Jack is updating the list as information is provided.
See below for a list of cancelled and postponed events, sorted by name (updated through 5/27/2020)

Name / Location


Original Date

ACS Bike-a-thon, Philadelphia to Atlantic City

Postponed to Aug. 9

Sun. June 14

Ben to the Shore Bike Tour, Philadelphia to Atlantic City

Postponed to Aug. 23

Sun. July 26

Bikes & Beers Hershey, Hershey, PA

Postponed to Aug. 1

Sat. May 30

Bikes & Beers New Jersey, Somerdale, NJ

Postponed to Aug. 30

Sat. June 13

Black Tie Tour, Pennington, NJ

Virtual Event

Sun. June 7

Brandywine Valley Roubaix V, West Chester, PA

Postponed to June 21

Sat. April 11

Broad Creek Bike & Brew, Laurel, DE

Virtual Event

Sat. June 6

Challenge for Cancer, West Chester, PA

Virtual Event

Sun. June 28

Cinco de Mayo Benefit Bike Ride, Exton, PA

Postponed to Sept. 13

Sun. May 3

Cory's Ride, Pennington, NJ


June 2020

Covered Bridges Ride, Erwinna, PA


Sun. Oct. 11

Cumberland Valley TrailFest, Shippensburg, PA


Sat. April 18

Cycle the Solstice, York, PA


Sat. June 20

Double Creek Tour, York, PA


Sat. May 30

Eagles Autism Challenge, Philadelphia, PA


Sat. May 16

Farmland Ride, Flemington, NJ

Postponed to Oct. 18

Sun. June 14

Fleche Buffoon, New Hope, PA


Sat. April 18

Fools Classic, Doylestown, PA


Sun. May 31

French Creek Iron Tour, Phoenixville, PA

Virtual Event

Sun. June 14

GLJ Legacy Ride, Galloway, NJ


Sat. June 6

Go the Distance for Autism, Paramus, NJ

Virtual Event

Sun. June 7

Governor’s Ride and Delaware Gran Fondo, Wilmington, DE


Sun. May 17

Grandview DiVine Ride, Mount Joy, PA

Postponed to Aug. 30

Sun. May 17

Greater Philadelphia Tour de Cure, Doylestown, PA

Virtual Event

Sat. June 20

Hell of Hunterdon, Blawenburg, NJ


Sun. April 5

Leap Frog Bicycle Tour, Felton, DE


Sat. June 13

Longest Day Ride, Matamoras, PA


June 2020

Miles for Matheny, Far Hills, NJ

Virtual Event

Sat. June 13

Million Dollar Ride, Philadelphia, PA

Virtual Event

Sat. June 13

Move for Mental Health, Mount Laurel, NJ


Sat. July 11

New York City-to-Philadelphia Greenway Ride

Postponed to Fall

May 16-17

Ocean to Bay Bike Tour, Bethany Beach, DE


April 24-25

PA Hope Ride, Hummelstown, PA

Postponed to Sept. 12

June 27-28

Princeton Bicycling Event, Skillman, NJ


Sat. June 20

Ramapo Rally, Mahwah, NJ


Sun. Aug. 16

Revolutionary Ramble, Madison, NJ


Sat. June 13

Ride & Stride for Autism, Lincroft, NJ

Virtual Event

Sat. June 13

Ride for Homes VIII, Strasburg, PA


June 4-7

Ride for Literacy, Lititz, PA

Postponed to July 25

Sat. May 9

Ride for New Beginnings, Toms River, NJ

Postponed to Sept. 12

June 26-28

Ride to Defeat ALS, Wildwood, NJ

Postponed to Sept. 13

Sat. June 13

South Jersey Tour des Farms, Vincentown, NJ


Sept. 2020

Spencer Martin Memorial Ride for Habitat, Lehman, PA


Sat. May 2

St. Luke's Hospice Ride, Lehighton, PA


Sat. June 6

The Ride, Glassboro, NJ


Sat. June 6

Tour de Belt, Harrisburg, PA

Postponed to Aug. 16

Sat. June 13

Tour de Lebanon Valley, Lebanon, PA

Postponed to July 18

Sat. June 13

Tour de Scranton, Scranton, PA


Sun. April 26

Tour de South Brunswick, South Brunswick, NJ


Sun. June 7

Tour de Sussex, Georgetown, DE


Sat. June 13

Tour de Tush, Allentown, PA

Virtual Event

Sat. June 13

YSC Tour de Pink East, Princeton, NJ


Oct. 2-4

Save the Dates!

BCP's Annual Fall Foliage Weekend

BCP's Annual Fall Foliage Weekend

in scenic, historic Hanover/Gettysburg, PA
October 23-25, 2020

**Based on the timeline for COVID recovery, re-opening of PA, and rescheduling of BCP rides & events, we will provide updates in the next few months.


Complete package:

  • 2 nights at the Hampton Inn & Holiday Inn Express of Hanover,
  • Ride packets with a wide array of cue sheets & maps,
  • Schedule of group rides with Leaders,
  • Cycling around Gettysburg Battlefield,
  • Friday & Saturday dinners,
  • Saturday & Sunday breakfasts,
  • Cycling snacks and sandwiches to take along with you on rides,
  • Post-ride therapeutic massages on Saturday afternoon,
  • Parties, SAG, road markings, live music, & more, including 
  • “Wheely Good Smoothies” made on a “smoothie (blender) bike”. 
  • Plenty of sightseeing and local attractions for non-cyclist companions, also.
  • For any questions, please contact Linda McGrane, at:
    267-251-7862, or
Details will be posted on soon. 

Mileage Tracker and 
Universal Mileage Logs are available
The universal mileage log features include:

- A universal log that is good for any year.

- An automatic summation of mileage and number of rides and computation of the average ride distance.

- Displays six charts of mileage, number of rides and average distance.

The mileage logs can be found in the Documents Library on the SCU website.


Go to SCU's Documents Library and scroll down to "Ride Documents" and  “Mileage Log”

Welcome Our New Members
Please give a warm welcome to SCU's newest members

Jeffrey Gladstone- Dresher, PA 
Mary E MchMichael - Broomall, PA
Brian Talerico - Fairless Hills, PA
Natalie Watterworth - Harleysville, PA

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