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Date: 11/4/2020
Subject: The Final Unmasking: Open up to See 'Who is That Masked Rider'
From: SCU Announcement

The Big Reveal:
Who Is That Masked Rider!

Winner Photo Submission:

Howard Hochheiser
Winner Photo Guesser:
Jennifer Weiss
Each winner will receive a $20 Wawa gift card.  Congratulations!! 
See below for the identities of the masked riders
Thanks to everyone for submitting their photos and thanks for everyone who submitted their guesses.  No surprise ….No one was able to identify all of the masked riders.  We heard from many that this was a challenging contest!  In addition to being the photo submission winner, Howard Hochheiser also earns bragging rights for most creative guesses including: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Frito Bandito, Hall and Oates, Famous Amos, and The Barber of Seville! 

Pam Lipschutz and Elliot Selsley
Masked Rider 2
Scott Siegfried and Thomas Beckett
Masked Rider 3
Thomas Beckett
Masked Rider 4
Deane Armstrong
Masked Rider 5
Bob Fuerst and Monica Coleman
Masked Rider 7
Suzi Leonard
Masked Rider 8
Rob Podbielski
Masked Rider 9
Bob Fuerst
Masked Rider 10
Marc Katz
Masked Rider 11
Linda Mueller
Masked Rider 12
Jan Peters
Masked Rider 15
Wesley Wolf
Masked Rider 16
Katie Hunt
Masked Rider 17
Steve Muth
Masked Rider 19
Min Lee
Masked Rider 20
Catherine Flynn
Masked Rider 21
John Dwyer
Masked Rider 22
Doug Smithman and John Dwyer