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Date: 11/3/2020
Subject: Hiking Season is Here!
From: Linda Mueller


This year’s hiking season will begin on Sunday, November 8, 2020 and conclude on Sunday, March 14, 2021.  There will be two hike coordinators:  Linda Mueller (SCU) and Jim Ruddick (BCP), who will coordinate hike leaders/sweeps.  SCU and BCP led hikes will alternate weeks.  SCU’s hikes will be posted on the SCU Meet-Up and BCP’s hikes will be listed on the BCP website.   Sign-ups will only be allowed on the corresponding hike for that week (SCU Meet-Up or BCP Website – NOT both every week).



Nov 8, Nov 22, Dec 6, Dec 20, Jan 3, Jan 17, Jan 31, Feb 14, Feb 28, Mar 14



Nov 15, Nov 29, Dec 13, Dec 27, Jan 10, Jan 24, Feb 7, Feb 21, Mar 7



  • Hikes will always start at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays; start location will be listed on the post; hike length will be 5-7 mi, ending around 12:30 pm; pace ~2.5 mph.

  • A max of 10 hikers (plus leader/sweep = 12) per hike leader will be allowed for each hike.

  • Two hike leaders/sweeps will be identified for each week, therefore 20 hiker sign-ups will be allowed unless the leaders identify otherwise on their post; (hike leaders/sweeps are in addition to the 20 max hikers).

  • Multiple hike leaders can follow the same route, but at a visual distance behind.Or a 2nd hike leader can lead their own route (max 10 hikers).

  • During SCU hike weeks, a link to the SCU Meet-Up will be on the BCP website.Only RSVP’s will be accepted on the SCU Meet-Up.

  • During BCP hike weeks, a link to the BCP website will be listed on an SCU Meet-Up post.Only RSVP’s will be accepted on the BCP website.

  • Linda/Jim will organize the hike leaders and coordinate the posts with hike leaders in coordination with club deadlines.

  • There will be waitlist signups on the SCU Meet-Up and will populate the hike attendance if cancellations occur.There is no waitlist process on the BCP website.

    NO RSVP, NO HIKE  (do not just show up).
    Please cancel in advance if you are not coming so waitlisted hikers can participate.


  • Anyone with cold, flu-like COVID-19 symptoms CANNOT participate in a hike.
  • Anyone exposed to COVID-19 MUST stay away from all SCU/BCP events for 14 days after exposure or until testing negative.
  • Anyone on a hike who contracts COVID-19 symptoms within a week of a hike, MUST notify the hike leader, Linda Mueller or Jim Ruddick.Hike participants will be notified of the incident and MUST not attend a hike for 14 days.
  • All hikers MUST wear a mask when gathering at the beginning, rest stops and end of the hike OR in close proximity to others on our hike or others hiking in the park. Masks are encouraged during hiking but do not need to be worn if a hiker maintains 6’ from other hikers.
  • Per the club COVID-19 requirements, anyone showing up for the hike who has not RSVP’d in accordance with the guidelines WILL NOT be able to hike with the group.Thanks for your cooperation.



SCU – Linda Mueller, 215-498-6349,

BCP – Jim Ruddick, 215-589-0028,

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