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Date: 12/1/2020
Subject: SCU December Chainletter
From: SCU Announcement

Vol 34  l  No  12  l  December 2020
President's Message

As Ghandi said, the dignity of human nature requires that we must face the storms of life. This could be no more true than now. It looks like the full fury of the Covid resurgence is upon us. More and more friends and acquaintances are getting ill or testing positive. The masks and the social distance are an unpleasant inconvenience and obstacle to our usual social nature. But think of them as throwing on a jacket and finding shelter until a storm passes. It's temporary and will make the ride less hazardous and more pleasant.


And there are breaks in the clouds on the horizon. First, it looks like a vaccine is on the way, an important step in getting the situation under control. If you can avoid getting Covid for a couple more months, you may get off light with no more than a pin prick to the arm. Second, we've started planning the 2021 Quad County Metric. The format of the rest stops and lunch may need to be different, but we have some awesome new routes including a gravel route for all you grinders out there. If you are interested in helping with the planning or volunteering the day of the event, please contact Chuck Herbert ( 


The online election ballots are coming out today. Please vote. Even if the SCU elections are not as hotly contested as the recent national elections, your vote lets the Executive Committee know you care about the club and its future. Guiding the club through the Covid craziness has been a challenge for the EC. Member participation in the process is always encouraging. The official results will be announced at the December 3 meeting.


Hope to see you on the road soon, whether it's riding solo or with a small group.


Steve "It was a dark and stormy night" Muth 

SCU COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

SCU COVID-19 Mitigation Measures


SCU will continue to practice the Mitigation Measures (found here: . The virus is not gone, and we need continued vigilance to prevent a resurgence and a retreat to greater restrictions.  Thank you to all members and ride leaders who continue to act responsibly!

SCU Elections
Electronic Voting Now Open

Election of the 2021 Executive Committee

Online Voting Instructions


Come one!  Come all!  Rally around for the 2020 SCU Executive Committee (EC) elections. You will once again be able to “rally around” your computer at home and cast your votes!!  Nominees have been proposed for the EC positions and they are all looking forward to your vote, support, and another great upcoming year for SCU!  Note: This year’s SCU Executive Committee (EC) election will allow eligible voters to vote online only due to COVID. 


The online voting period is for 48 hours (all day Tuesday and Wednesday, December 1st and 2nd)

          Start Date and Time: Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 12:01 AM

          End Date and Time: Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 11:59 PM


Each SCU member eligible to vote online should have received an email message with a link to the voting system.  We are using the site to host the election.  The system sent a message to each voter when the online polls opened (Tuesday, December 1st, 12:01 AM). When you are ready to vote, simply open the message, click on the link to the voting system, then follow the directions.  The system-generated message will be from Jeff Kochanowicz with the topic "SCU Election 2020: Online Voting".


Members who cannot vote online, or who have technical difficulty and cannot complete the online voting process, should reach out to Jeff Kochanowicz at   The official EC election and results will be held Thursday, December 3, 2020, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. via Zoom.  RSVP ON MEETUP HERE. 

Please direct any questions on the election process to either:

Steve Muth, President (, or

Jeff Kochanowicz, Election Coordinator (


Membership issues should be addressed to Robin Einhorn, Membership Director (  



Thank you for being part of our election process!

Save the Date for the

2021 Quad County Metric
Quad 2021
Save the date for the 2021 Quad County Metric!

The 2021 Quad County Metric is scheduled for

Saturday, May 15, 2021. 

More details coming soon! 
Please join the Quad Committee to help make the 2021 event an exciting celebration of our return to more normal cycling activities and SCU events.   We need your help! The Committee expects the 2021 Quad to be one of the best cycling events of the season. 
If you are interested in joining the Quad Committee this year, or if you have any questions about the Quad, please contact:
Chuck Herbert
SCU Quad County Metric Chair

Cranksgiving 2020

This year’s SCU-sponsored Cranksgiving Ride was by far the most successful.  This year, approximately 140 riders participated, and they were able to collect and donate over 6,000 pounds of food to the Keystone Opportunity Center Food Bank.  This could not have come at a better time, as the food bank shelves were getting pretty low.  Post-ride shelves were full and overflowing.


Riders ranged in age from 4 to 76, and came from as far as Stillwater, NJ and Mullica Hill, NJ.  For some of the more experienced riders, this was a chance to slow down and enjoy the day.  For others, this was a chance to challenge themselves at a new distance.  For all, there was peace-of-mind, knowing there was experienced support vehicles on the courses ready to offer assistance if needed.


The 5 Mile Family Fun Route had nearly 40 riders this year.  New for this year, the event engaged two groups to help with this route; members of the Souderton High School/Souderton-Telford Rotary Interact Club, and local runners from Ainsley’s Angels.  This is a group that works to include disabled persons in endurance events.  You can read more about them here:   These groups served under the direction of the Souderton and Telford Police departments and provided course marshalling at all intersections of the route.  Together with the police departments, this insured the safety of the riders and gave them a great experience.


Over 50 volunteers participated in various aspects of the day, including registration, door prizes, food service, route support, sponsor promotions, food collection and delivery, course marshalling, route marking and event logistics.


Riders were treated to a lunch afterwards.  Each rider also received a pair of DeFeet Woolie Boolie event socks and a chance to win door prizes. 


See below for some pictures from the event.  You can also check out the newspaper story


SCU Hiking Season 

Kicked Off November 8th
SCU and BCP kicked off the 2020/2021 Hiking Season on November 8th.  See below for some pictures from the inaugural hike.  Thanks to Linda and Jim Ruddick for organizing the event and to Linda McGrane, Robin Einhorn for leading hikes.  Special thanks to Helen Muth for providing after-hike refreshments.

Holiday Tribute

By Jim Howat

We are closing in on 2021, one more month to go

Closing in on that season of cold winds, ice, and snow

We have gotten bad news, that which we dread

Another outbreak of covid, it has indeed spread

People ignoring orders to stay home for Thanksgiving

Saying “We’ve got to go on with our living!”

After lifting restrictions, cases have risen

People have quarantined, feeling like they’re in prison

But many others have defied the CDC indeed

And traveled at Thanksgiving, not taking heed

People are crowding stores to do holiday shopping

They will be close to one another, while going store hopping

Covid vaccines are on their way

Maybe this month or next, so they say

Thanksgiving 2020 was different; it is time to look ahead

There are still many blessings that can be said

We need to work together, that’s for sure

Let’s hope and pray for a covid cure

From my heart to yours, my message is true

Merry Christmas, SCU!

Happy Holidays 

From SCU!

Mileage Tracker and 
Universal Mileage Logs are available
The universal mileage log features include:

- A universal log that is good for any year.

- An automatic summation of mileage and number of rides and computation of the average ride distance.

- Displays six charts of mileage, number of rides and average distance.

The mileage logs can be found in the Documents Library on the SCU website.


Go to SCU's Documents Library and scroll down to "Ride Documents" and  “Mileage Log”

Welcome Our New Members
Please give a warm welcome to SCU's newest members

Riad H El-Dada- Ambler, PA  
Anne M Flannery-Lundgren - Horsham, PA
Mary Huis - Media, PA
Lisa Lombardo - Bensalem, PA
Gabe Nathanson - Bala Cynwyd, PA

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SCU Executive Committee
Steve Muth

Marc Katz

David Kaplan
Signature Event Director
Chuck Herbert

Digital Communications Director
Amy Brumbaugh

IT Director
Scott Siegfried

Membership Director
Robin Einhorn

Public Relations Director
Linda A. McGrane

Ride Leader Director
Curtis Schwartz

Social Director
Judith Pyle
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