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Date: 11/29/2020
Subject: SCU 2021 Election - Electronic Voting Starts Soon!
From: SCU Announcement

Electronic Voting Starts
Tuesday December 1, 2020
Check your in-box Tuesday 
for the electronic ballot

Election of the 2021 Executive Committee

Online Voting Instructions


Come one!  Come all!  Rally around for the 2021 SCU Executive Committee (EC) elections. You will be able to “rally around” your computer at home and cast your votes!!  Nominees have been proposed for the EC positions and they are all looking forward to your vote, support, and another great upcoming year for SCU!  Note: This year’s SCU Executive Committee (EC) election will allow eligible voters to vote online only due to COVID.  Below contains information about voting online.  Election and voting details/logistics are as follows:


Who can vote online?


All SCU members in good standing as of October 5, 2020 (must be active 60 days before the election to be eligible to vote) can vote online if they have a valid email address according to SCU records.


Individuals registered with separate email addresses in family accounts may each vote online.  There are a few family records with multiple persons listed as a single person.  They can only vote once.  Please contact Jeff Kochanowicz at to determine how to register the additional family member votes.  For example, if your SCU Family membership record is:


last name: Smith first name:  John email address:   


last name: Smith first name:  Mary email address:


Then you can each vote online!


Should you need to check, add, or change an email address in your online SCU profile, please log onto using your log-in ID and password. Then, once you've logged in, place your cursor over the arrow next to your name (upper right of screen).  Then click on Profile.  On the next screen (Member Profile), under Personal Info, click on Contact Information.  You can then edit and save your email information under Other Contacts.



If your SCU family membership record is:


last name: Smith first name: John and Mary email address:  Then you may only vote once.  Please contact  Jeff Kochanowicz at to determine how to register the additional family member votes.   We have been working in the past to correct such records with your help.


When can I vote online?


The online voting period is for 48 hours (all day Tuesday and Wednesday, December 1st and 2nd)

          Start Date and Time: Tuesday, December 1st, 12:01 AM

          End Date and Time: Wednesday, December 2nd, 11:59 PM


How do I vote online?


Each SCU member eligible to vote online will receive an email message with a link to the voting system.  We are using the site to host the election.  The system will send a message to each voter when the online polls open (Tuesday, December 1st, 12:01 AM). When you are ready to vote, simply open the message, click on the link to the voting system, then follow the directions.  The system-generated message will be from Jeff Kochanowicz with the topic "SCU Election 2020: Online Voting".


What if I can't vote online?


Members who cannot vote online, or who have technical difficulty and cannot complete the online voting process, should reach out to Jeff Kochanowicz at   The official EC election meeting will be held Thursday, December 3, 2020, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. via Zoom.  RSVP ON MEETUP HERE. 



Please direct any questions on the election process to either:

Steve Muth, President (, or

Jeff Kochanowicz, Election Coordinator (


Membership issues should be addressed to Robin Einhorn, Membership Director (  



Thank you for being part of our election process!