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Date: 1/1/2021
Subject: SCU January Chainletter
From: SCU Announcement

Vol 35  l  No  1  l  January 2021
Table of Contents
President's Message
The past year has challenged the club in many ways. The social distancing runs against the nature of group cycling and we've had to curtail some events. However, we have had many good things happen this year, too. We had a virtual Quad, a scavenger hunt, a photo contest, a masked rider contest and a hiking season kick-off picnic. People have continued riding with their friends in smaller groups. The key point is that we have remained a club of cyclists that enjoy interacting with each other as much as we enjoy turning the pedals. 

Heading into 2021, I feel very optimistic. While we are not out of the woods yet, it seems things are headed in a more positive direction. The Winter solstice is past and the days will begin to get longer. There will still be a chance of snow for a couple of months, but by the end of this month the sunsets will be noticeably later. The national election is behind us. Regardless of where you stood on the issues and the candidates, tension and uncertainty will no longer haunt us through the headlines. The silver-lining of the Covid cloud for cyclists has been less traffic caused by an acceleration of the number of people working from home. Although traffic certainly will pick up again, I think there will be a permanent shift to less traffic, especially during this summer's evening rides. Also, I expect that many people who recently discovered cycling will be interested in expanding their horizons by joining a bike club in the spring. New members mean new friends and fresh ideas for the club. Best of all, vaccines for Covid are rolling out. It may take several months for enough of us to get vaccinated to reach the much sought after 'herd immunity'. But I think this coming summer's riding season will be a much improved experience over the last with more opportunities to gather for group rides, including a real live Quad. So, I am forecasting sunny skies and better times for all of us in the coming year. 

I continue to have the good fortune of having a strong Executive Committee that works as a team to keep the wheels turning both on the road and behind the scenes. I would like to thank Amy Brumbaugh (Digital Communications), Judith Pyle (Social) and Jay Sitkin (Safety and Legislation) for their contributions as they step down. At the same time, I want to welcome new EC members Dina Adams (Secretary) and Steve DeLabio (Digital Communications). Dina has served on the EC in the past and I welcome the return of her experience in this position. Steve will be bringing fresh ideas to his role while drawing on his professional experience. Of course, I want to thank all the EC members that are staying on for another year, especially David Kaplan who has agreed to stay on and share his excellent accounting skills as Treasurer for one more year. If you see any of these people at a ride or on the road be sure to thank them for their time and energy.

Happy New Year to all!

Steve "The glass is half full" Muth

Happy New Year

from SCU!

SCU COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

SCU COVID-19 Mitigation Measures


SCU will continue to practice the Mitigation Measures (found here: . The virus is not gone, and we need continued vigilance to prevent a resurgence and a retreat to greater restrictions.  Thank you to all members and ride leaders who continue to act responsibly!

Save the Date for the

2021 Quad County Metric
Quad 2021
Save the date for the 2021 Quad County Metric!

The 2021 Quad County Metric is scheduled for

Saturday, May 15, 2021. 

Registration is now open: 
Please join the Quad Committee to help make the 2021 event an exciting celebration of our return to more normal cycling activities and SCU events.   We need your help! The Committee expects the 2021 Quad to be one of the best cycling events of the season. 
Custom pair of DeFeet Aireator socks for early registrants!
New for 2021 - The Quad County Gravel Challenge!
If you are interested in joining the Quad Committee this year, or if you have any questions about the Quad, please contact:
Chuck Herbert
SCU Quad County Metric Chair

Holiday Tribute

By Jim Howat

Here we are into January, a new year has begun

It is with open arms that we embrace 2021

Hindsight is 2020,a vision in the rear view mirror

Now the light at the end of the tunnel is getting clearer

Vaccines have come to the forefront, a lot of hope it does bring

We should be able to get ours sometime this spring

It was indeed a tough Christmas

When you think of all the company we did miss

Ringing in the new year was difficult, too

We missed sharing company when we started anew

As we begin the new year, we all have one big resolution

That forthcoming vaccines will be the solution

As we proceed through 2021

Let us remember that our battle is not done

Hospitals are at capacity, lives have been lost

Let us continue to use caution at all cost

The New Year and vaccines bring reason for hope

Does that mean we should let our guard down?  Nope!

Let us continue to fight covid and do what we need to do

Happy New Year, SCU!

Regional Events Calendar & Mileage Log
Regional Events Update

Be sure check Jack Elias' famous Calendar of Regional Events for an updated, chronological list of regional events. Jack is updating the list as information is provided.

This calendar is presented by Suburban Cyclists Unlimited, and lists recreational bicycle events that take place in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and start within approximately 150 miles of Horsham, Montgomery County, PA. See Other Bicycle Event Calendars for bicycle events outside of the coverage area of the SCU calendar.

Mileage Tracker and 
Universal Mileage Logs are available
The universal mileage log features include:

- A universal log that is good for any year.

- An automatic summation of mileage and number of rides and computation of the average ride distance.

- Displays six charts of mileage, number of rides and average distance.

The mileage logs can be found in the Documents Library on the SCU website.

Go to SCU's Documents Library and scroll down to "Ride Documents" and  “Mileage Log”.

Calling All Who Rode 5,000 or More, or Their First Century in 2020
We want to hear from you!

Each year, the club would like to recognize those members who cycled their first century (100 miles) bike ride, and/or if they rode greater than 5,000 miles during the calendar year 2020.   


So, if you did any of these, please let Curtis know by sending a note to by January 8, 2021 with your name and how many miles you rode this year.  If you rode your first century, please tell me something about the ride.

Welcome Our New Members

Please give a warm welcome to SCU's newest member
  • Robert Goldstein - North Wales, PA 

Support Our Sponsors
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SCU Executive Committee
Thanks to everyone who voted in the 2021 Elections, see below for the results and the 2021 Officers for SCU.
Steve Muth

Dina Adams

David Kaplan
Signature Event Director
Chuck Herbert

Digital Communications Director

IT Director
Scott Siegfried

Membership Director
Robin Einhorn

Public Relations Director
Linda A. McGrane

Ride Leader Director
Curtis Schwartz

Social Director
Marc Katz
Safety & Legislative Director
Regional Calendar Editor
Jack Elias
Merchandise Manager
Dina Adams