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Date: 2/1/2021
Subject: SCU February Chainletter
From: SCU Announcements

Vol 35  l  No  2  l  February 2021

Table of Contents
  • President's Message
  • 2021 Quad County Metric: In person cancelled for 2021 due to COVID-19, evaluating alternative events
  • Covid-19 Mitigation Measures
  • Ride Leader / Sweep Awards for 2019/2020
  • Recognizing All Who Rode 5,000 or More, or their First Century, in 2020
  • Regional Events Calendar and Mileage Log
  • New Members
  • Support Our Sponsors
  • SCU Executive Committee

President's Message
February 2021 President's Message

As you can read in more detail below, the Quad has been cancelled again. I don't consider myself a public health expert and trust that County officials are trying to act in the community's best interest. That doesn't mean that many of us aren't disappointed. The Quad and Executive Committees will be working on formulating a new event in its place, perhaps an in-person event later in the year or variation on last year's virtualized Quad. Given all the skills and experience within the club, I am sure we can create an event where members can share their joy of cycling with each other. Stay tuned!

Despite my best precautions, I came down with Covid a few weeks ago. I had almost every symptom on the list including twelve days of fever. Although it was a miserable experience, it helped me appreciate my riding even more. Our health is the foundation of our existence, even though sometimes we take it for granted. Two weeks of illness made me more motivated to get out and ride, to explore new roads and destinations, and to spend time with my riding buddies. Were my precautions in vain? I don't think so. I believe that through vigilance in masking and social distancing I was able to avoid passing Covid on to anyone outside my immediate household. I am continuing to urge all members to maintain social distance while riding with friends and to wear masks at the start, rest stops, and end of rides.

Tomorrow will be Ground Hog Day and we'll be officially halfway through Winter. There is more daylight every day and by March temperatures will be on the rise. Whether it's riding despite the cold, riding indoors with a trainer and Zwift, hitting slopes, or hiking through the hills and woods, keep those legs moving and ready for Spring.

Steve "Well, then let's make lemonade" Muth

SCU’s Quad County Metric canceled due to COVID-19 complications

SCU’s Quad County Metric canceled due to COVID-19 complications

SCU’s 2021 Quad County Metric has been canceled as we are unable to reserve some of the key facilities needed for the event at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Green Lane Park and other venues understandably are not approving use of their facilities for large group activities this Spring and Summer. In the best interest of the Club and all Quad participants, we have decided to cancel the event.
  • Registration fees already collected will be refunded in full over the next few days.
No one is more disappointed than the dedicated group of people who have worked hard to prepare for this event. Marc Katz and Denyse Ringling did an excellent job preparing our public relations material. Charlie Brant and some of his fellow long-distance riders have scouted and planned wonderful routes. They and Dina Adams, Robin Einhorn, Jack Elias, David Katz, Jeff Kochanowicz, John Martino, Linda McGrane, Curtis Schwartz, Scott Siegfried and Rich Terry, have been working with us since last year’s Virtual Quad to prepare for this year’s event.
  • We are considering alternatives to the Quad, perhaps a virtual or socially distanced event this Spring, or an Autumn version of the Quad later this year (or maybe both).
Stay tuned for more announcements and stay healthy.

Chuck Herbert
Quad Director

Steve Muth
SCU President

SCU COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

SCU COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

SCU will continue to practice the Mitigation Measures (found here: . The virus is not gone, and we need continued vigilance to prevent a resurgence and a retreat to greater restrictions.  Thank you to all members and ride leaders who continue to act responsibly!

Ride Leader / Sweep Awards for 2019/2020
To the Ride Leaders and Sweeps in 2020:
The EC would like to collectively thank our fantastic ride leaders and sweeps for their service in the 2019-20 season. There were 29 ride leaders and sweeps by my count who led, co-led, or swept club rides on meet-up. This season, many of you came up with new start locations, created routes to lead and share, modified routes as many of our starting locations, restroom stops and cafe’s were temporarily not available, not to mention all of the road construction. I’ve also heard lots of comments from grateful ride leaders when they had a sweep on their rides who also offered to co-lead. The names and the number of rides led or swept from October 1.2019 to September 30.2020 are listed below and I’ve added a few notes.
  • Linda McGrane and Joe Phelps were once again our top ride leaders. They led rides all year, weekdays and weekends from all around Montgomery County and elsewhere when our meet-up site was open.
  • To John Dwyer who led mostly evening rides from the Horsham area library, Tom Beckett and Scott Siegfried (Westlakes Corporate Center - new ride location since COS was not available), Monica Coleman (North Penn High School), Elliot Titcher, Dave Atkins, Joe Kestel, Steve Muth (Horsham, Flourtown area mostly), Howard Hochheiser, Dough Smithman, Bob Doyle, and Dan Oz *Ride yer Bike Tuesday* morning ride sometimes known as the retiree ride, Katie Hunt and Wes Wolf who led very popular rides from mostly the Horsham, Center Square area, Amy Brumbaugh and Bob Fuerst, who led and co-led rides on 10 weekends this past summer (the rides became so popular that they were filled in 1-2 hours after they were posted); Dave Kaplan and Scott Siegfried (Flourtown evening ride); Mike Fuller (led rides all around the area at different paces); Don Campbell (frequent ride leader on Sunday Morning rides), Dan Oz (gravel rides - I’ve yet to go on one), and our club president, Steve Muth, who led and co-led rides, volunteer rides and others around the area. And I would like to thank Cassandra Hogue (ride Thursdays!), Rick Christie (Dog Park, Wednesday evening) for leading rides for a small part of the season, as well as Thom, Dina, Charlie, Fred, and Felicia for leading, co-leading and sweeping a few rides.
And if I left anybody out, please let your ride coordinator know. Thank you all once again. The ride coordinator will be contacting you about your award separately.
Leader Led or Swept Leader Led or Swept
Linda McGrane 154 Mike Fuller 17
Joe Phelps 115 Bob Doyle 15
John Dwyer 33 Tom Beckett 15
Scott Siegfried 32 Wes Wolf 15
Monica Coleman 25 Amy Brumbaugh 10
Elliot Titcher 21 Dave Kaplan 10
Howard Hochheiser 21 Joe Kestel 10
Dave Atkins 20 Bob Fuerst 7
Katie Hunt 19 Don Campbell 7
Curtis Schwartz 19 Doug Smithman 5
Dan Oz 17 Stephen Muth 5
Partial Season Ride Leaders and Sweeps
Cassandra Hogue
Charlie Brant
Rick Christie
Felicia Roton
Dina Adams
Fred Goodwin
Tom Kramlik
Suzie Leonard
Robin Einhorn

Curtis Schwartz
Ride Leader Director

Recognizing All Who Rode 5,000 or More, or Their First Century in 2020
Congratulations to Linda Dart who completed her first century in 2020; well maybe her first 2, both in 2020. Linda's first century as "around town" as she described it, but then her second one was on Skyline Drive in Virginia, hilly and what you would expect with a road name like that. To top it off, it was raining and there were flats involved in the group; sounds like quite an adventure.
We would also like to recognize 31 club members who submitted their names for the *Cast Iron Crotch* Award for cycling greater than 5,000 miles in 2020; 11 more people than in 2019.
  • Collectively, this group cycled 222,907 miles in 2020; and 5 members individually rode over 10,000 miles in 2020.
  • Several of you shared that the number of miles you rode was a milestone this year, the most ever, and some took up commuting to work by bike; while others saw their miles go down because they worked from home and didn’t have the daily commuting miles, rode fewer group rides, or generally didn’t ride as much (and a few injuries along the way).
  • Regardless of the miles, sounds like a lot of fun miles; it’s about the quality of the miles, cycling with others, consistency, and we hope everyone had a great time and it helped with your fitness.
  • Congratulations to everyone below and their 2020 miles.
Name Mileage in 2020 Name Mileage in 2020
Linda McGrane 14,000 Jeff Bakely 6,300
Jeff Kochanowicz 11,945 Wayne Dunlap 6,291
Michael Nagle 10,926 Katie Hunt 6,003
Charlie Brant 10,064 Mike Pomrink 5,978
Shirley Landis 10,062 Pauline Martin 5,907
Curtis Schwartz 8,010 Joel Gaskin 5,822
Ken Kress 8,002 Charlaine Dunlap 5,814
Ram Mudambi 7,555 David Kaplan 5,785
Louis DiBello 7,309 Elliot Titcher 5,762
Stephen Muth 7,226 Claire Tanzer 5,695
Howard Hochheiser 7,224 Joseph Pless 5,550
Joe Phelps 7,065 Joseph Kenas 5,508
Wesley Wolf 7,023 Catherine Flynn 5,494
Kevin Koffke 7,000 Tom Kramlik 5,380
Linda Dart 6,500 Maryann Bakey 5,253
Dean Mondelblatt 6,454

Regional Events Calendar & Mileage Log
Regional Events Update

Be sure check Jack Elias' famous Calendar of Regional Events for an updated, chronological list of regional events. Jack is updating the list as information is provided.

This calendar is presented by Suburban Cyclists Unlimited, and lists recreational bicycle events that take place in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and start within approximately 150 miles of Horsham, Montgomery County, PA. See Other Bicycle Event Calendars for bicycle events outside of the coverage area of the SCU calendar.
Mileage Tracker and 
Universal Mileage Logs are available
The universal mileage log features include:
  • A universal log that is good for any year.
  • An automatic summation of mileage and number of rides and computation of the average ride distance.
  • Displays six charts of mileage, number of rides and average distance.
  • The mileage logs can be found in the Documents Library on the SCU website.
  • Go to SCU's Documents Library and scroll down to "Ride Documents" and  “Mileage Log”.

Welcome Our New Members
Please give a warm welcome to SCU's newest members:
  • Joseph Chera, Jr. - West Chester, PA
  • Sue Garfinkel - Philadelphia, PA
  • Richard Hudson - Newtown, PA
  • Kathryn Pramuk - Wayne, PA
  • Lisa Schustak - Easton, PA

Support Our Sponsors
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SCU Executive Committee
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Chuck Herbert

Digital Communications Director
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Scott Siegfried

Membership Director
Robin Einhorn

Public Relations Director
Linda A. McGrane

Ride Leader Director
Curtis Schwartz

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Marc Katz
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